Monday, January 18, 2016

2015 travels

So for those who actually still read this dead blog, I have made the first step in moving out of Malaysia to the country next door - Singapore. Ever since then, my flying has increased by 300%, I try to fly back to kl and Penang to see my friends and also family. 
I also fly more for work now. 
So here is a quick summary of the places I've been to apart from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and of course my new home, Singapore in only 2015.
Some places were visited multiple times but here are some summary. Next update will be for Jan and feb

The gang in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for Anh Tuan's wedding

Bintan, Indonesia for work? Lol
Siem Reap, Cambodia for fun with the gang
Hue, Danang, Hoi An, Vietnam - work and personal 

Bangkok for another bucket list 
Melbourne, Australia 
Seatle, USA right before meeting in Portland 
South of France and Monaco 
Boat trip with sales team at Lazarus island
And Bali for nye party

Wednesday, July 08, 2015


For many of you that did not know, my name Juliana is actually taken from Holland -

So the last leg of my travel was to visit Amsterdam. Being lazy as usual to write.. here are picture stories again.

Trying to be a dutch lady that loves her cheese

Blardy stairs of the hotel = SCARY

Supposed to be the best fries in Amsterdam.

This let me laugh for awhile. Public open standing toilets for men whist the free drinking water nearby... Filter?

Amazing Iceland in Sept

" Iceland?? Why Iceland? You know the volcano issue we had many years back. Those ashes were from Iceland." A friend of mine was complaining and asking me why

My mom was also curious why Iceland and tried many reasons to convince me not to go... Dad was like- "Iceland is bankrupt go for what?" 

My respond was - WHY NOT? I wanna see the northern light! 
Other friends and family - "Eh you think anytime can see.. not easy to catch wan!"
Me : "Still going! shooo!! " 

Remembering that conversation in early March/April... fast forward to Aug. 

Volcano erupted! IN Iceland! Everyone on warning worrying that it will be a bigger impact to the global travel skies than the previous. I was in Denmark during this time, and my mom asked me to cancel my trip or i may get stuck in Iceland. I still went.. 

And all in all.. i had no regrets!! Although certain parts of Iceland was not allowed to be visited as the volcano was still erupting, everything else seemed good. and I think with all the Drama.. it made my trip a lot more enjoyable and appreciative.

The trip started with a little drama - We arrived and the owner of the Air BnB was not around and we couldn't find her home. When calling her she cancelled her call a few times and we had to walk around the city and arrived at the Tourist Information center which assisted to call the owner where she picked up but also gave us drama until a few hours later.

We soon realized the owner was not the best host any airbnb client would want but had a good location and priced home. The people in Iceland was generally very friendly with random strangers offering help to find our place and all.

We did not want it to affect our trip so our journey continues - (heater did not work causing me to kena flu kao kao)

Along the city area
With the cold weather (supposedly great summer weather of 6-8 degrees) The lobster soup along the road is a MUST~!!! If you are Asian and tasted Katong Laksa it is somewhat like that creamy but with lobster meat inside!

A 20 mins walk and we reach the Viking Musuem where you learn about the Viking history with wax figures to tell the story at the Saga Musuem

You can even dress up as a viking! Being Chinese i end up being like a Mongolian warrior - Genghis Khan.

I already prebooked an tour with a small tour group to experience a more personal touch of the golden circle tour - Under Solstice tour - Jon Frosti -

The whole experience was amazing with the morning session and a better and night where it was only Dawn, myself and the guide to hunt for the northern lights.

Below are some pictures of our travels around the Golden Circle tour
Crater beauty

One of the top 5 waterfalls in the world. Look how tiny the people are

Icelandic horses are short like ponies but adult bodies.

Friendly ones that are super down to earth and not agreesive

They eat 1 day old bread

This was my horsfie until it thought my shoulders were an apple and took a quick bite on it.

The water here was so clean we could drink it off (Aim where the lava filters are at)

One of the most amazing places in the world. The ability to see the tectonic North american continent plate meet with the euroasian continent plate at Thingvelir National park

Game of Throne back scene

Amazing blue lagoon spa!!! With Dawnie!

This country is amazing and would recommend everyone to visit it at least twice in your life. Once in SU/FA and another during Winter (which im yet to do)

After a let down the first night i was beginning to lose hope on being able to see the Northern lights but decided on the last night to try our luck and Viola!!! whooooooooooohoooooooooooo